Corporations and Business

The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Ostlie, P.A. is experienced in handling a wide range of matters that arise in the operation of business enterprises, from entity selection and creation to planning, advising, and compliance; we will be your partner in your business endeavor.

Starting a New Business

If you are starting a new business you need a team of professionals on your side to make sure your business is set up properly.

After a consultation we can determine what type of entity, i.e., corporation, LLC, partnership, etc., is most appropriate for your particular situation and then we can create that entity custom tailored to the specifics of your organization and business.

Existing Businesses

Often we find that many small business startups that began without legal consultation are not set up properly from the beginning. This often times prevents the business from complying with necessary corporate formalities as the company grows. This can expose the principals of the business to potential personal liability for debts or acts of the company. The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Ostlie, P.A. can review your  current situation, make necessary changes and provide advice and counsel on how to minimize the potential of personal liability going forward.

Whether you are just starting out in business or you have existed for years, as a business owner you are confronted with a vast array of legal issues and you need an attorney you can turn to for advice. For anything from the drafting of a simple employment contract to transaction documents for a merger or acquisition, contact The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Ostlie, P.A., for affordable, quality legal representation.