Real Estate Transactions

The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Ostlie, P.A. can provide advice and counsel to you when you are buying or selling property, even if you have engaged the services of a Realtor it is to your benefit to have an attorney on your side. For a relatively small cost you can enjoy legal representation for what is for most people the biggest investment of their life.

General Transactional Documents

Contract review and/or drafting for commercial or residential transactions.

Review of closing documents to ensure compliance with contract provisions.

Buyer Representation

Did you know that most of the time as a buyer in a residential real estate transaction the Realtor that you are working with does not represent you? Under Florida law, unless your Realtor has provided you with a Single Agent Disclosure, he or she is operating as what is known as a Transaction Broker. Even though it might not seem like it, as a Transaction Broker, the Realtor who you have been working with is actually working on behalf of the Seller in trying to complete the transaction. As a Transaction Broker that Realtor owes limited duties in his or her association with you as a buyer. For a relatively minimal cost you can have an attorney, who represents you solely, with the legal training and knowledge to provide you the guidance that can help you navigate the transaction, with your best interests in mind. The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Ostlie, P.A. can help you:

Ensure that contract terms are favorable to you.

Ensure that title insurance policy is issued in your favor without unnecessary exceptions that could result in being denied coverage should a future claim arise.

Review potential liens that do not always appear on the title company’s title search but could attach to your property and force you to be ultimately responsible for after you take title to the property.

Seller Representation

For relatively minimal cost to you The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Ostlie, P.A. can review any offers you receive on your property to ensure that upon which you sell your property are in your best interests.

For Sale By Owner Properties

Have you decided to buy or sell a property without the assistance of a Realtor? Sometimes there are very good reasons for doing so: perhaps you are selling or buying from someone you know and want to avoid paying a broker commission. Whether you are buying or selling you will need to turn to someone who can assist you with transactional documents and guide you through the process of buying and selling to ensure that your interests are protected. The Law Office of Jeffrey D. Ostlie, P.A. can assist you with completing your transaction for a minimal flat fee.